Why does chatropolis chat room keeps dropping out

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Why does chatropolis chat room keeps dropping out - gay speed dating norwich

Chatters under the age of 18 years old should be supervised by a parent or guardian.

Go to your control panel and double click your Java icon. Click Settings under the Temporary Internet Files tab and the Temporary Files Settings box will appear. Click the Delete Files button and the Delete Temporary Files box will appear. Click OK on the Delete Temporary Files window and then press OK on the Temporary Files Settings window.Please note: The Digichat servers have been eliminated. What kind of browser do I need and how do I activate Java to chat?Please refer to our Flash Chat help page for more assistance on our new software. Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/8* users: For the best speed and compatibility with the Client applet we recommend Internet.Make sure you are using an appropriate version of Java. (This applies to users who used to get in fine) Now its giving me a message "Java applet not found,," at the bottom. Again, we find the best way to resolve this problem is to clear your cache and refresh the page.We recommend the latest (and best) Sun Java which can be downloaded at their website (link provided at the top of the page). There is a grey box and the little logon "nickname" panel doesn't appear. For Internet Explorer users, go to Tools Press Ok again. If that still doesnt work then try to go to the Java home page and click on the top right corner box (GET IT NOW) to reinstall java on your browser for free. The last possible thing to try is to hold the "Control" key while you continue to refresh the page.IE 3.0 and under users: Because of numerous bugs in the Java Virtual Machine for Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, we do not support running Digi Chat under Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.

The problem does not occur with later version of Internet Explorer.

Then in the dialogue box scroll down to the Microsoft VM section, Java Permissions and select either High security, Medium Security or Low Security. Choose Tools from the Menu bar, then Internet options. Please make sure you enable your Active X controls on your browser. It looks like a person whispering into someones ear. If you are the room moderator, you can expel or ban this user from the chat room.

A new private chat room box will appear which will allow for private and safe communication. Click the name of the user you wish to block messages from, then click the Ignore User icon. Please visit other fun things at this site while you are here. You can also contact the webmaster or room administrator to report the problem. Why can't I log back on to the chat using the same username (nickname) after my Internet/chat server connection was dropped? By highlighting a user name you can receive quick access to his/her profile by clicking that icon. Why am I getting the following error messages: 'Connection failed/closed,' 'Disconnected: Network connection closed?

Choose Tools from the Menu bar, then Internet options. Select the Security tab then the Custom Level button 3. Scroll down to the section labelled "Java (Sun)" 4. This update changed the way in which IE handles some Web pages that use Active X controls and Java applets.

In the dialogue box scroll down to the Scripting section, Active Scripting sub-section and select Enable (click in the radio button) 4. After downloading Sun Java (link below), to activate Java on Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, please follow these directions: 1. Examples of Active X controls include the Sun Java Virtual Machine, which this site uses. You are able to send a message to another user in the chat room. Click the name of the user you wish to send a private message to, then click the Private Chat box icon. You can ignore the user by clicking their name then clicking the Ignore User icon.

You may use Netscape 4.0 for Macintosh, though these browsers exhibit poor Java performance.

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