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Criticism stemmed from perceptions forged in the media about the Liverpool players of the time.

The "Spice Boys" emerged as a term coined to characterise the antics and lifestyles off the pitch of the Liverpool 1990s players as high earning playboys who were underachieving in the game, based on a play on words on the name of the hugely popular pop music band at the time, the Spice Girls.

Liverpool had in fact started the decade as the superior side, winning the league title in 1990, but the sudden resignation of manager Kenny Dalglish in February 1991 led to the return of former player Graeme Souness to Anfield as manager, and his three-year spell delivered just one trophy (the FA Cup in 1992), and Liverpool rarely looked like title contenders, even spending considerable spells in the bottom half of the league table.

It all began in the early 1990s, where photogenic players (not necessarily tagged as Spice Boys yet as the term had not emerged yet) like Jamie Redknapp and Ryan Giggs emerged as merchandising and mass marketed "poster boys" of the English football game, and fronted many football magazine covers and featured in advertisements.

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C.'s team of the time, with all the other newspapers following subsequently in using the term.

Other reasons for the nickname stemmed from the direct links between some of the players and the actual Spice Girls' members. The 1990s were a less successful era for Liverpool; in contrast to the trophy-laden 1970s and 1980s, they were cast as "nearly men" and failed to oust Manchester United in both the 1995–96 FA Cup, 1995–96 FA Premier League and 1996–97 FA Premier League challenges, winning little in spite of their talent, widely held to be due to a lack of discipline.

The label is negative and highlights the players' focusing on partying and clubbing, sports cars, dating and groupies, fame and hairstyles rather than football, making as the Daily Mail describes, "inroads in the pages of glossy magazines than in the league table." The term, though harsh, was the media's way referring to the negative side of the manner in which talented English footballers handled new money, popularity and stardom, which the game of football suddenly brought them in unprecedented levels in the 1990s, compared with the 1980s and before.

In 1997, Malcolm Gladwell's landmark article on coolhunting, in The New Yorker discussed how the Spice Boys were seen as making the city of Liverpool "cool" because it involved "soccer blokes in the pubs going superdressy and wearing Dolce & Gabbana and Polo Sport and Reebok Classics on their feet." and after which, the Daily Mail coined the term, which then became synonymous with Liverpool F.

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