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Listen up to , and for the moment at least, rely on your ears to tell you what’s there. There is Akamoor’s grainy alto plotting the swing of the thing, just like Dudu Pukwana did on those early recordings with Chris Mc Gregor and The Blue Notes way back in Durban, South Africa before they exiled to Europe in the 1960s.

It has a narrative of how one Black American who spends most of his time in San Francisco can still hang out for Africa, for France and Germany, and for the whole wide world in which we live and breathe.

Africa is not just a continent, it’s a sense being.

The other central track on this recording points to another strong influence.

This band has all the vitality of a heady street pageant. Ah, how quickly I fall into the trap, writing the kind of ‘rattlesnakes’ the front cover warns of.

It’s easy to get caught up in the whole joyous paraphernalia of performance that goes with Actis Dato, to the point where it is possible to miss out on the seriously subtle interplay between four musicians of character.

Click here to listen to an introduction to the album.

Alto sax player Idris Ackamoor formed the original Pyramids with Margo Simmons in the early 1970s. They met as students in Ohio, formed a band (as you do) and left America for Paris (the Art Ensemble of Chicago, along with a multitude of other Black American musicians, had already made the journey).She is now an adult and, Clive, I think it may have ended up at your place. Mr Ackamoor went on to San Francisco and formed an extensive theatre, music and dance project in the Bay Area which is still operating decades later.As it seems to be the way of things, a band that was a band can become a band again if you hang around long enough.Hail, Abdullah Ibrahim, Hugh Masekela, Kippie Moeketsi, Miriam Makeba, the Rail Band from Mali, the great drum master Tony Allen, Manu Dibango and Jonas Gwangwa.Hail them all, and hail Idris Ackamoor and Strut Records for bringing out this great positive slice of life. Carlo Actis Dato (tenor & baritone saxophone, bass clarinet); Beppe Di Filippo (soprano & alto saxophone); Matteo Ravizza (double bass); Daniele Bertone (drums, percussion).There’s also a funky little break where the whole band swagger and stagger beats and high notes, a modest manifestation but one which carves out carousal. This music is not taking place in Lagos, instead they are close to the Brandenburg Gate.

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