Who is mick jagger dating now

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Who is mick jagger dating now

In 2014 Assisi gave birth to her daughter Ezra, Mick’s first great-grandchild, the same week Jade gave birth to Ray.

In 1996, Jade founded her jewellery company, Jade Inc, which makes high-end pieces like the ‘Jagger Dagger’, an 18-carat white gold sword.Age: 17Mother: Luciana Gimenez Occupation: Student Mick’s relationship with his youngest son had rocky beginnings.He was still with Jerry Hall when he struck up a seven-month relationship with Brazilian model and television host Luciana Gimenez.Mick gave Karis away at her 2000 wedding to actor Jonathan Watson, with whom she has two children.Karis is reportedly shy, very private and far less fond of the public eye than some of her better-known half-siblings.No word on whether Mick is also involved in this endeavour.

Age: 31Mother: Jerry Hall Occupation: Musician and actor So far, James Jagger is the only one of Mick’s offspring to pursue a career in music.A committed fitness fanatic, the handsome teenager is reportedly in talks to score his first contract with a fragrance company.Despite being born dyslexic, Gabriel is a lover and writer of poetry, preferring to spend his days writing than browsing social media, where you won’t find a trace of him.Age: 24Mother: Jerry Hall Occupation: Model The spitting image of her model mother Jerry, Georgia May Jagger is one of Mick’s most recognisable children, thanks to a score of big modelling gigs and high-profile celebrity friends.Despite having an Instagram following of 825,000 people, Georgia May caused a mild stir when she criticised the trend of hiring models based on their online popularity, saying it “doesn’t really make sense”.She’s worked for major brands like Chanel (she walked in the brand’s fashion show at age 5) and Tommy Hilfiger and has been the face of cosmetics giant Lancome.

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