Validating office 2016

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We encourage you to download and install the latest Deferred Channel build and start validating the next First Release for Deferred Channel in the coming weeks.Office 20 Licensing Your installation of Microsoft Office needs to check in with MIT's license server at least once every 180 days to remain operational, via the MIT network.

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Back in September 2015, we introduced the new Office 2016 update model.

Since then, customers have expressed appreciation for the ability to have greater control over the frequency of feature changes and have more time for validation.

Today, we are further refining that update model and—based on feedback—are renaming service “Branches” to “Channels.” Customers who want to receive monthly feature and security updates can do so through the “Current Channel” (previously known as Current Branch).

Customers who want to limit feature changes to every four months can choose the “Deferred Channel” (previously known as Current Branch for Business).

Early access to a fully supported build for both channels will be available through the “First Release for Current Channel” and “First Release for Deferred Channel,” respectively.

It took five years from Office 2011's release to get this latest Mac office suite, but it was well worth the wait.

Almost everything is improved, with a bright, spacious interface, yet the learning curve is almost flat.

I have recently downloaded the 2016 Office with word, exc, etc....

However it isn't letting me use any of them because it says that it's not validated.

We are not done yet; we are continuing to invest more in our deployment tools in order to further assist IT admins and developers to validate Office against their environment and line-of-business applications.

We hope you are as excited as we are about today’s announcement.

The first Office 365 Deferred Channel build (previously known as Current Branch for Business) is now available for Microsoft Office 365 for Windows (including Office 365 Pro Plus, Office 365 Business, Project Pro for Office 365 and Visio Pro for Office 365).

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