Usain bolt dating white girl

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And though he is not yet ready to get married, the star assured fans that once he makes that move it will be forever.

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I don't definitely hide..we don't try to put it out in the media like 'here she is' because I personally know what's going to happen."If you are married you should be happy, if you are not happy leave the person.That's how I see it so why should I involve myself? a fashionista who also rocks the hell out of a carnival bikini. Bolt is usually pretty quiet about his relationships -- but his rep confirmed the world's fastest man is dating Kasi Bennett ...A friend of 28-year-old Miss Slovak declared: ‘Love has no race – it’s a heart to heart connection.’ But 25-year-old Bolt has come in for criticism from fellow black Jamaicans unhappy that he has chosen a white partner. Some successful black men obviously suffer from a white woman complex. ’, while another complained: ‘Another one of our men snatched.’ Further protests included: ‘Out of all the girls on this island you pick a snowbunny’, and: ‘These superstars will always disappoint if we depend on them to raise our racial identity.’ The sprinter nicknamed Lightning Bolt is known for his mid-race celebrations and post- victory bow-and-arrow pose.

He is the reigning Olympic champion and world record holder over 100 and 200 metres.

"I have tried my best to keep it on a certain level.

I have explained to her that when it comes out it's not gonna be as she thinks it's gonna be.

In fact, the two were spotted kissing out in public during a parade in New Kingston back in April ...

and he recently referred to her as his "First Lady" in an Instagram post.

His arm around her waist, sprinter Usain Bolt and his latest girlfriend are the picture of togetherness.