Updating electrical in old home

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Updating electrical in old home - Adultgames chat

Also, it may be advisable if your old panel is in bad condition or if you have fuses instead of circuit breakers. He lives in Oakland, Calif., working as an electrician and carpenter. Clair holds a bachelor's degree in public policy from Emory & Henry College and a master's degree in city planning from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, where he specialized in food system planning.If you upgrade the panel, you will likely have to replace the wires that feed the house.

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If your house is lived-in, or you don't want to cause a major disturbance, the task will take much longer and your options will be limited.

Besides replacing the wiring, you should also consider replacing your electrical service, which includes your main panel and any subpanels.

This may be necessary if your old panel doesn't have enough room for the circuits you have added.

Where you run the cable depends on your ability to access the spaces, but generally outlets are fed from below and wiring for lighting is fed from above.

Be careful of hazards such as asbestos and fiberglass insulation, as well as the old wiring.

Rewiring a house will require a permit from your local building department.

Homeowners are allowed to do electrical repairs on their own houses, but the work will have to be inspected.Rewiring an entire house can range anywhere from ,000 to ,000.The cost depends heavily on the age and construction of the house, instead of the size of the home.You will have to drill a new hole for the new cable.If you are refeeding an outlet or a light switch and you can't reuse the old cable's hole, a new hole is necessary.You may have to leave the wiring in the walls intact and only replace the cable in the attic or crawlspace.