Unmonitored adult chatrooms

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Unmonitored adult chatrooms

Obviously there are risks of engaging in these types of chat rooms, as the user doesn’t know the other people or how they are going to behave.Too many people involved in an email can cause issues, multiple replies can be sent at the same time duplicating the thread and confusing the recipients as to which thread should be responded to.

By adding the app, young people and parents can get support from CEOP on a range of issues – viruses, hacking, dealing with bullying online and they can report someone who is acting inappropriately towards them online.

The school is aware that a significant number of our pupils have Facebook profiles and not all of them have admitted their correct age online. Parents may wish to check their own child(ren)'s profile and keep an eye on their usage.

Click Thinkuknow for an excellent website with lots of useful info for you and your children.

Take advantage of the filtering software readily available in the marketplace.

It can help block access to inappropriate sites and restrict times of day and length of time that the internet can be accessed. Know your child's e-mail password and tell them to inform you immediately about troubling, unsolicited e-mail.

As children can be under threat from dangerous persons masquerading as kids in chat rooms.

Inform your child that whatever they are told online may or may not be true.

Chat sites are a great way to meet people online and can be lots of fun.

But they are open to misuse, so make sure your children are as cautious of strangers online as they would be in the outside world.

A private chat room can be set up that requires attendees to enter a username and password to access the room.

For example a university could hold a revision session and only want students studying a specific course at their university to attend.

Chat rooms can have a relaxed and fun environment; users are able to change their pictures or select avatars to represent themselves.

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