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Now it's time to meet the real Caitlin -- a courageous 16-year-old Georgia girl who survived a tragic boating accident.

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As I turned my head, I saw the boat dragging the canoe coming right at me.

Because Justin Bieber is Justin Bieber, all his hair changes result in news headlines.

For example, Buzzfeed’s headline called him out on “cultural appropriation”, and included tweets of many people slamming him.

I looked back as soon as I was hit, and my friends on the canoe ran me over, too.

The guy driving the boat didn't even know he hit me so he kept driving.

I just started my first year in high school and decided to spend a weekend at my friend's lake house with seven other friends in August 2009. I kept saying to myself, 'This year will be amazing.' We spent the first day out on the lake blaring music, tubing, knee boarding, wake boarding, and just having fun -- just putting your life on hold, forgetting about everything, except what was going on that very moment.

Two of my friends and I were riding the Jet Ski, while the rest of the crew was about to go out on the lake in a canoe that would be pulled by a boat.Temara co-wrote her pop release “Karma’s Not Pretty” with friend Cassadee Pope the former lead singer of Hey Monday and the winner of The Voice 2012, which achieved #8 in the UK MTV Most Watch Music Video charts, and Top #10 in the VIVA online charts and got rave reviews from, OK!Magazine, MTV, The Independent, Huffington Post, Teen Mag, Girl Talk and The Hits Radio FM.But someone is always worse off than you, no matter how bad something seems.As we were climbing back on the Jet Ski, it filled with water so we all jumped off.Igaz hogy még nem ismerik olyan sokan de biztos vagyok benne, hogy nagy jövő áll előtte. Igaz hogy még nem ismerik olyan sokan de biztos vagyok benne, hogy nagy jövő áll előtte.