Teacher student dating ethics

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Teacher student dating ethics

I met my wife when she came to an independent-study class at my studio.Because of my role as a teacher, we had many conversations about dating before we actually started doing so.” —Troy Lucero, Owner of the Acme Yoga Project, Seattle “If there’s a spark between a student and teacher, I recommend that the teacher refer that student to a different teacher’s class until they determine whether they are going to be in a relationship.

The parties must further abide by the University’s policy on Nepotism (III. Individuals engaged in an Amorous Relationship in violation of this policy are subject to disciplinary action ranging from a written reprimand up to and including termination.But students often see only their teacher’s positive aspects, with few of the flaws.When I dated my yoga teacher and our relationship ended, I had to face all of the false projections I’d had of my teacher; it rid me of my fantasies about yoga teachers being more capable than others of intimacy.” —Ellen Boeder, Psychotherapist, Boulder, Colorado “Yoga teachers do a service job that requires subtle energy.These individuals may perceive the environment created as a result of the Amorous Relationship to be hostile and/or perceive forward progress and benefits are obtained through engaging in a romantic or sexual relationship with the person in power.Therefore, Purdue University prohibits Amorous Relationships between a student and any University employee who has educational responsibility over the student, and supervisors and subordinates where there is a supervisory or evaluative relationship between the parties.There’s a vulnerability and deep power within touch, as well as a hunger for it, and that touch can get sexualized. Some yoga teachers can exploit the power dynamics of being a teacher to their advantage.

But if there’s real chemistry, I don’t see why a relationship should be prohibited.” –Cindy Kaplan, Yoga student and life coach, Newton, Massachusetts “People fall in love where they spend their time, and the yoga studio is no exception.

The disparity of power when an Amorous Relationship is between (1) a student and a faculty member, graduate teaching or research assistant, or any other University employee who has educational responsibility over the student, (2) a supervisor and subordinate, or (3) senior and junior colleagues in the same department or unit makes the individuals involved susceptible to exploitation.

Amorous Relationships that occur in the context of Educational or Employment Supervision and Evaluation like those named above undermine professionalism and hinder the fulfillment of the University’s educational mission.

“Saying a teacher shouldn’t date his or her student is unrealistic.

If you put people in a room together doing intense physical postures, there’s a good chance some might get interested in each other.

Amorous Relationships may have an effect on others in the course, department or unit.

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