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Sprung dating game walkthrough becky - Livefreeporncam

Now we have 1 cheats in our list, which includes 1 unlockable.

Item and Art Guides are updated, and I added a question to the FAQ.

---------------------------------------------- ***************** 3. Introduction ***************** Hello, and thanks for reading.

I saw there weren't many FAQs yet for Sprung, my favorite of the early batch of DS games.

Artwork #12 Complete Becky's Story - Bad News for Erica Artwork #13 Complete Brett's Story - Cupid Behind The Scenes Artwork #15 Complete Becky's Story - Blind Date - [Call for help!

] immediately Artwork #16 Complete Becky's Story - Serving the Freezing Dish Artwork #18 Complete Becky's Story - The Great Mingler Artwork #19 Complete Brett's Story - Big Babe Hunting Artwork #20 Complete Brett's Story - The Locker Room Artwork #21 Complete Brett's Story - The Sting Artwork #22 Complete Becky's Story - The Sketchy Ex-Boyfriend Artwork #24 Complete Becky's Story - An Eye for an Eye Artwork #25 Complete Becky's Story - Ex-Boyfriend Roadblock Artwork #26 Complete Becky's Story - Clashing Cliques Artwork #27 Complete Brett's Story - 3's A Crowd...

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2 cheats • Moshi Monsters cheats, Android • Plants vs.Unlockable How to Unlock Artwork #2 Complete Becky's Story - Motivational Speakers Artwork #3 Complete Becky's Story - Ready, Set, Date!Artwork #4 Complete Becky's Story - Final Level Part V: Moments of Truth - Choose to remain friends with Brett Artwork #6 Complete Becky's Story - Final Level Part V: Moments of Truth - Choose a relationship with Brett Artwork #7 Complete Becky's Story - The Arrival Artwork #8 Complete Becky's Story - The Last Model Scout - Choose model's path Artwork #9 Complete Becky's Story - Southern Comfort Artwork #11 Complete Becky's Story - Guess Who?Sprung takes place in a ski resort, and you're given the choice to play as one of two characters: Brett, the hip but innocently dopey dude looking to hook up with his longtime friend; or Becky, the sexy girl who's looking to get over a recent bad break-up (and she just happens to be the friend that Brett's pursuing).The game is organized into multiple chapters, each with a specific goal to accomplish before moving on. The DS's dual screens are put to use by showing your character on the bottom screen, with the person that you're talking to on the top. Dialog boxes show your conversation, and you're given the chance to select multiple responses during the chat.

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