Rules professors dating students

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I'm going to say more as it is such a big deal topic for me, and I haven't done much 'talk therapy' about it.During my 30s one of my BFFs was someone who had 2 children with a man she'd met because he was one of her professors, and she did date professors during her studies when I was actively her friend.

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For example, what if Pat needs a letter of recommendation for a job and would like Chris to write it?Before reading on, consider how you would answer these questions.(Of course, your other option at this point is to go back to Facebook.) Try to view the situation from the points of view of the instructor, the student, other students, and other faculty.I sometimes like to put my readers to work with a "do-it-yourself" dilemma or ethical policy.We've considered such issues as confidentiality, classroom attendance policies, mistakes in the graduate admissions process, and giving timely feedback on student papers.One of the students, Pat, is very attractive to Chris. Can Chris wait until after the semester and then ask Pat out?

If Pat initiates and expresses social or romantic interest in Chris during the semester can Chris reciprocate the expression of interest?

What ethical and practical issues do you need to consider? Ethical Stances I'll list some arguments that I've heard over the years; see what you think, and which include some of your thoughts as you read the case.

This is not a comprehensive list of ethical stances or justifications—just enough to get you started.

This "never" option is consistent with the virtue of prudence. Chris and Pat are both adults, and as adults their opportunity to engage in a consensual relationship of any kind should not be constrained simply because they find themselves in the same classroom.

There's no harm in going out for a cup of coffee or something; that's not going to influence grading.

This stance could be justified by the virtues of honesty and respectfulness.