Rivet head dating

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Rivet head dating

Read More Depending on the specific application and project, your rivet needs may vary.

Read More A common question we often come across is what is the difference between cold-headed parts and screw machining.

Working with an experienced rivet manufacturer can help to ensure you have the right rivet for the job.

When working with a rivet manufacturer, however, there are a few important tips to keep in mind.

Read More With so many different options for rivets, it can sometimes be difficult to determine exactly which type of rivet is most appropriate for the application.

At Universal Rivet, we are pleased to provide an extensive supply of various types of rivets, including shoulder rivets.

Cold heading can offer significant savings, particularly when you are producing minimum quantities of 25,000 or more, so it's a good idea to understand the difference and evaluate whether cold-headed parts are a good option for your manufacturing needs.

Read More In choosing the right rivet for your needs, numerous factors must be considered.While regular steel rivets may suffice for some applications, there can be many instances in which you need a rivet of a specific diameter, length, and/or constructed with a specific type of head.When that is the case, custom steel rivets can be an excellent solution.Even so, there can be some situations in which you may need to make alterations to a solid rivet in order for it to be suitable for your particular project or application.One of the alterations that can be made to a custom solid rivet is having the shank end manufactured with a chamfered cut-off end or a straight cut-off end.Businesses that use solid rivets within their manufacturing operations must ensure they choose the right manufacturer to assure they receive the highest-quality parts at the most reasonable prices.

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