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When used to distinguish from fictional worlds or universes against the consensus reality of the reader, the term has a long history: In its use for differentiating online personal worlds from "offline" life, the term has a much shorter history and a more unclear future, as the Internet has existed for a much shorter time.Four bullets in Lennon’s back provides a pusillanimous angle to this murderer whose failed suicide attempt three years earlier stings that much more.On December 8, 2010, thirty years will have passed from that horrible day, but at the same time would have been Lennon’s seventieth year.On the Internet, "real life" refers to life in the real world.It generally references life or consensus reality, in contrast to an environment seen as fiction or fantasy, such as virtual reality, lifelike experience, dreams, novels, or movies.Aunt Mimi is mentioned once regarding Lennon’s practice of being out of tune on the D chord string, so Mimi would know which instrument playing was his.