Polygamist dating rules

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Polygamist dating rules - No 1sex chat

When challenged for an answer, Kody says that he would never walk away from “it,” but probably wouldn’t knock himself out to keep “It” from burning alive.Robyn assures the viewers that Kody is a good guy—but “It” is far from convinced.

Meri reveals that fans are rooting for her to dump the oversexed hound.TLC and a furrowed-brow Kody remind us all that his marriage to Mare was recently on the brink of disaster.Meri chimes in, adding that the ladder struggles are real, and she just needs a guy who gives a crap about reaching the top shelf.The wives share that Fish plowed a tidal wave onto the family, even knocking over Janelle.Kody gives us a sad face, and does appear to be more hurt by Mare’s internet canoodle than he’s letting on.Mariah gets a high-five for her “big season,” and stealing the show with her sexuality shocker.

Mariah is asked how she managed such a storyline, and she explains that while she didn’t want to be evil or go to hell, she was finally nudged into her true self in college.

The Browns follow the religion of “human rights, humanity, and love” not their own—aka the foundation on which the practice of polygamy rests. Mariah scores her own solo spot with Andrea, and TLC rewinds the relationship crumble with her mother.

The burden was real, and Mariah admits that she struggled to not blame Meri for being an online hussy.

Andrea runs down the tabloid fodder, mostly spread by one crabby scorned superfan.

Kody isn’t in debt, unless you count four monster mortgages.

He supports his kids no matter what—at least until a son drops the same rainbow colored bomb.

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