Nacked girls taning parn

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Nacked girls taning parn

actress Lauren London is a fan of the bronzing effect, and even the dark-skinned Victoria's Secret models have all tested out spray tans. While I'm all for experimenting with products and treatments, I will admit that I was really nervous about getting my first spray tan.

I love my natural complexion, but I'm always down to try anything that will amp up the glow.You have to completely remove all hair off of your body and exfoliate the night before.I didn't have a problem with that step, but I was a little nervous about the the third prerequisite.I've done laser treatments and peels on my face, but never really thought about ways to achieve total-body radiance.My skin is naturally a deep caramel hue—I was born with a beautiful tan, so getting the treatment never ever crossed my mind.My natural beauty curiosity got the best of me, and I did a quick Google search to find out if it was really a thing for black women to spray tan.

After a few clicks I swiftly discovered that several chocolate celebrities indulge in the full body treatments on a regular.

You're not supposed to wear any deodorant, perfume, or lotion on the day of your appointment.

When I read that instruction I automatically started to have second thoughts. Skipping lotion is a huge no no for me, especially since I have dehydrated limbs.

When I rinsed off the next morning my skin was slightly darker, but what I loved the most was the sun-kissed glow that the spray tan had left behind.

It looked as if I had just spent a couple of weeks in Jamaica.

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