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(only to pop to the shops drop off one of the others somewhere etc - wouldnt leave her alone with them for hours!

Hello, I'm a single mum, I have a 13 year old daughter, 5 year old Daughter and 3 year old son.

It all depends on maturity levels I think and how well you trust your child.

One of my scouts was our regular babysitter when my son was younger....

When I was 15 I use to babysit for my auntie in the evening for a few hours when she went out her children were 4 and 5 then my 11 year old cousin babysits his 7 year old brother for an hour or less after school (depends when there mum gets home from work) I think it just depends on what you feel comfortable with and if there able to do things like get food and drinks and know what to do in an emergency My oldest dd is 16.

I first left her to look after my 22 month old when she was 15 to nip into our local sainsburies which is three minutes away by foot so fairly close.

For example in the following circumstances; popping to the local shops once the younger 2 are in bed- you'd be gone for less than 20 mins, going to an exercise class for an hour and a half going out for the evening...... May be wrong though as you say it depends on the maturity of the child and also the age of the younger children.

I've not left her as I'm not really sure what is the right thing to do but just wondering what others do?? I wouldn't allow my 13 year brother to babysit anyone but my sister allows my niece (13) to mind her sister (7) while she pops to the shop.

I think 16 to look after younger siblings, but not under 2's as their needs are different, more confusing to interpret.

I was 12 when I started baby sitting my brother and sister from my dads marriage, I don't think I was mature enough and wouldn't of known what to do if they became poorly!

I think it does depend on the situation I suppose ultimately you have to be confident that she could deal with any emergency that arose in your absence and get the little ones safely through it.

Personally, I couldn't confidently leave my oldest (18) to look after the cat let alone her 9 year old brother but everyone is different.

I'm very over protective of my children and will leave strict instructions with whom ever looks after them.