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In 1997, the Complementary Medicines Evaluation Committee was established as the expert committee.

Safety requirements for herbal medicines include the same requirements as for conventional pharmaceuticals, as well as special requirements of traditional use without demonstrated harmful effects and reference to documented scientific research on similar products.

023 MCSVB dated 21 March 2003) to the Ministry of Health, but it has not yet been formally adopted.

There are no national research institutes on TM, CAM or herbal medicines.

Almost one third of all the countries responding to the survey have each of the different forms of policy and regulation for TM/CAM and herbal medicines.

Australia In Australia, the national policy on TM/CAM was issued in 1999.

A number of monographs are used in place of national ones; however, they are not considered legally binding.

Regulatory requirements for herbal medicines include adherence to information in pharmacopoeias and monographs and the same GMP rules as those used for conventional pharmaceuticals.

Compliance with these requirements is ensured through “compositional guidelines” for approved complementary medicine substances that describe the identity tests and limits for contaminants and residues, although these are not legally binding on manufacturers.

Other control mechanisms include post market reviews, evaluation of toxicological data on new proposed herbal substances and history of use data.

The regional percentage figure is a percentage of the total number of WHO Member States in that region.

The survey response figures represent all of the responding countries.

Regulation of herbal medicines in Cambodia was introduced in 1998.