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Over the past decade we have built what we call the Better Network, the largest independent telco network in New Zealand.

Many of its first officers had seen prior service in either Ireland or Australia.

The Armed Constabulary took part in military actions against Māori opponents Riwha Titokowaru in Taranaki and Te Kooti in the central North Island in the dying stages of the New Zealand Wars.

From the police force's beginnings in 1840 through the next forty years, policing arrangements varied around New Zealand.

Eurasia is the geographical landmass that includes Europe and Asia.

At 4.9 million square kilometres, Zealandia would be Earth's smallest continent.

By 1846, the emerging organisation of a police force was recognised with the passage of the Armed Constabulary Ordinance.

New Zealand's early police force continued to grow with the colony and was further enhanced with additional structure and rules with the passage of the first Police Act, the New Zealand Armed Constabulary Act of 1867.Policing in New Zealand started in 1840 with the arrival of six constables accompanying Lt.Governor Hobson's official landing party to form the colony of New Zealand...Rugby international Sonny Bill Williams (left) lent his friend Anthony Mundine (right) 0,000.The New Zealand All Black did this with a handshake as a Muslim who doesn't believe in charging interest.Auckland student Rachael De Jong was reportedly holding selfie sticks with three other women just minutes before a raging torrent at the Waikato River in New Zealand swept her to her death on Monday.

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