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Until two years ago, many of us considered Sloanes to be extinct.Instead, throughout two decades of lying low, the breed was gestating quietly and malevolently like a superbug.

Nancy Mitford's vocabulary was updated last year by a wealth of new words compiled into a dictionary by Olivia Stewart-Liberty and Peter York (author of the original Sloane Ranger Handbook).

Downing Mahiki's legendary Poisoned Chalice cocktail in one on a Thursday night while throwing some splendidly gauche shapes on the dance floor is the sum total of their ambition.

Behaviour and dress sense aside, one of the funnier things about Sloanes has always been their vocabulary.

Then there's "jollop" (to go out and enjoy oneself) and "floordrobe", the place young Sloanes choose to store their clothes - ie, on the floor.

Oddly, there don't seem to be any jolly, japeish terms for "the workplace", "grocery shopping" and "bill paying"."'OK, yah' has also been replaced by 'OK, yo'," says Robert Helm, 21, a self-confessed Sloane keen to expound on the social habits of his crowd.

Silence from us both as we continue to sip our drinks in a cloud of awkward. It’s usually me who says, “I guess I should probably head off” and I can see the relief tumble from behind their eyes, washing over their faces.

I watch myself fall into a pit of floundering jokes until, eventually, it’s nothing but silence. Everyone’s been there, that moment when one guy tells a joke and then every other guy tries to one-up him? It’s about the comparative size of one’s funny Despite all the negatives tied with being the comedy relief, it’s a pretty amazing feeling to make a whole room, or even just one person, laugh. It’s just that, sometimes, I wish I was the one laughing rather than making people laugh.The simplest approach to avoid this problem is to continue to use the Facebook app but not use the in-app browser.Being funny: it’s an excellent evolutionary advantage. Apparently, it also means you’re pretty great in bed. "Oh, and we're all using 'blimey' again." Because of Boris Johnson? He da man."That London's new Tory mayor is a Sloane pin-up is hardly surprising, but what does this - and the baffling appearance of new "rude boy" colloquialisms - say about the breed's demography? "Boris is a TV personality and he has been doing the Hugh Grant stagey thing, which everybody loves, for ages.Tribes have to have their own language, and it has to keep evolving as a protective colouring.But the past few months have yielded telling additions.