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For fiber content, my favorite panties are a nylon-spandex blend (say, 85% nylon) that often has an attractive satiny sheen and offers nice control and smooth shaping.I also picked up a pair at M&S in England in a lilac cotton novelty print that I found quite charming, but a cotton or cotton-lycra blend jersey won’t have the same control shaping or satin-look.

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This enduring style smooths and accentuates curves; even in this age of ultra-low-rise jeans, thongs, and whale tails, it has a dedicated following. What makes for the most flattering high-waisted styles? Where can you buy panties in this cut, or at least stare at luscious bombshells decked out in this modest yet figure-hugging style?

So if you’re new to the game, let’s define the overarching style.

The Sexy Variant The classic disclaimer, of course, is that this is my opinion of what makes for a flattering and sexy style.

I’m certainly not going to pretend that your hypothetical lover will automatically go wild for the sudden increase in coverage, but I find that a good high-cut panty draws attention to and defines the waist and lays much smoother under dresses and skirts.

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If you find pressure across your stomach to be uncomfortable (such as that caused by the elastic waistband), look for a panty with an even higher waistline.

Kiss Me Deadly seems to have several awesome “longline” (ultra high rise) options right now.

By: Marianne Today, I would like to talk about an item of apparel very near (no pun intended) and dear to me: sexy granny panties.

Emphasis on the “sexy.” If the term “granny panties” doesn’t appeal to you, I suppose we can stick with “retro high-waist panties,” if we must.

There are certain days (of the month, perhaps) where that may be too risky for your favorite silky treasures, or they may not be up to the physical rigors of your day’s activities.