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Google sexual free chat - No credit card needed webcam

Any method that artificially generates clicks or impressions on your Google ads is strictly prohibited.

To help you provide a quality user experience, Google has developed technical specifications for sites displaying Google ads.Publishers may not click their own ads or use any means to inflate impressions and/or clicks artificially, including manual methods.Learn more Clicks on Google ads must result from genuine user interest.For Ad Sense publishers, if we receive a notice or otherwise have reason to believe that your page is infringing, we may terminate your participation in the program. More information about our DMCA process is available in this blog post.If you believe that a page which is participating in the Ad Sense program is displaying your copyrighted material without the rights to do so, please report it using this form or by clicking on the Ad Choices icon .Publishers are encouraged to experiment with a variety of placements and ad formats.

However, Ad Sense code may not be placed in inappropriate places such as pop-ups, emails or software.All publishers are required to adhere to the following policies, so please read them carefully.If you fail to comply with these policies without permission from Google, we reserve the right to disable ad serving to your site and/or disable your Ad Sense account at any time.In accordance with our online Terms and Conditions, it's your responsibility to keep up to date with, and adhere to, the policies posted here.Exceptions to these policies are permitted only with authorization from Google.Learn more Publishers are permitted to make modifications to the Ad Sense ad code so long as those modifications do not artificially inflate ad performance or harm advertisers.