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Even at the dawn of Obama's last year in office, his administration was still working to ensure that women—including women who worked for religious nonprofits—would have access to free birth control through their insurance.

But you know who's been out there for the last eight years tirelessly waging a war on this horrible, boner-killing feeling of dread? If you've had sex with a woman in the last four years and found the encounter totally, gloriously un-plagued by angst about the risk of surprise fatherhood, you probably owe Barry O. A central provision of Obama's Affordable Care Act—one that went into effect in 2012—was the elimination of out-of-pocket costs for contraceptives for women, including the morning-after pill, IUDs (you know, those fishing-tackle contraptions that quietly prevent pregnancy for several ), and even sterilization.

The ACA aimed to guarantee every insured woman at least one cost-free way to counteract an unwanted pregnancy—and in a broader sense, to guarantee every insured woman the right to control, regulate, modify, or hack her own reproductive system as she pleased.

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And in doing so, Team Obama also gifted And now, our—your—four years of freaky freedom are coming to an end.

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