Direct dating summit direct seduction gurus alan roger currie

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Direct dating summit direct seduction gurus alan roger currie

The neg acts as a “false disqualifier,” making the girl think you’re not actually hitting on her, whilst at the same time “lowering her value” by acting as a sly insult.

The weekend conference has since been held in various cities all over the world geared toward helping single heterosexual men who are looking for advice on how to improve their interpersonal communication skills with single women of interest. Mode One: Let the Women Know What You're REALLY Thinking (February 2006) was intended to provide self-help and dating advice for heterosexual men.

who has written advice books on dating and interpersonal relationships, verbal communication skills, manipulation, seduction, erotic dominance & submission, and engaging in erotically explicit "dirty talk" with women. Currie, an art teacher in the Gary Community School Corporation.

He started his brief career as a comedian being the opening act for Robin Harris during the 1989 Circle City Classic in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The problem with the neg: most wannabe pick up artists are likely so socially uncalibrated that they don’t know how to deliver a neg with a cheeky smile in a confident manner (i.e.

“flirting”), so instead it just sounds like an insult, or even worse, like a nervous guy attempting a compliment but failing!

He stated: The main weakness in most of the behavior of the typical pickup artist (PUA) is they tend to be deeply afraid of harsh, subjective criticisms from women, as well as abrupt rejection.

When you are afraid of negative responses and/or harsh criticism, that puts you into Mode Two behavior; when you are afraid of being rejected and/or indefinitely ignored, that puts you into Mode Three behavior.

PUA's are manipulative in their behavior, which in turn, opens them up to be easily manipulated." Currie has criticized attraction and seduction techniques which emphasize or utilize misleading or manipulative tactics, saying, "Manipulation can provide benefits in the short-run, but very rarely if ever in the long-run.

At some point, your real, true self will come to the surface." He has said that attempts to manipulate make people more vulnerable to themselves being manipulated.

His show primarily centered on interviews and discussions with dating coaches, relationship experts, sexologists, seduction gurus, marriage counselors and life coaches.

Currie has resisted having his name associated with the seduction community, which includes pickup artists and speakers such as Neil Strauss, Mystery, Ross Jeffries and Roosh V, among others.

In reality, all you had to do was spend 5 minutes showing her that you’re a normal guy who likes her, and you’d have had a far higher chance of getting to know her intimately.