Did david spade dating heather locklear

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Did david spade dating heather locklear

The kid is so rich that he has his own swimming pool and all the kids go in.

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Her spokeswoman didn’t respond to The Scoop’s request for comment.

They share the same manager and have been friends for some time, and were reportedly seen kissing while hanging out with some friends in West Hollywood.

David recently declined to comment during the April 2 premiere of his new movie .

So I can find someone totaly hot whereas the rest of the world might think he's fug.

is making the pretty outrageous claim that Heather Locklear has hooked up with David Spade after divorcing from Richie Sambora.

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Spin City actress and David Spade's ex-girlfriend Heather Locklear.

On-line Pinnacle Sports.com, the Internet’s largest gambling site, is laying 4 to 1 odds that it won’t be this summer’s hottest flick. The comments attributed to the prince of pop will keep him away from sleeping over at the King of Rock and Roll’s house.

The site lists “The Da Vinci Code” with the worst odds to win the battle at the box office this summer behind “X-Men: The Last Stand” (6/5), “Superman Returns” (2/1), and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dean Man’s Chest” (9/4). Israeli-born psychic Uri Geller recently bought a Memphis house Elvis Presley lived in before he bought Graceland.

Can Heather Locklear and David Spade really deny they are still not an item?

Just weeks after their beach romp together, here is the "not official yet" couple on their way to catch a flight on a private plane to enjoy a romatic weekend together.

Heather and David have been dating since April and met through their mutual manager.

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