Desperate housewives dating service

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Desperate housewives dating service - intelligence and dating

"Very often the affair is just a distraction, it doesn't address or fix what the real problem is," she says."Relationships are hard and the key is always communication.

"I imagine many of them married young and are just looking for some form of escape."A lot of women are generally dissatisfied with their lot in life and want to do something to change it."Part of it is down to the fact that women's magazines give the impression that everyone should be having great sex so women who aren't get left feeling they're being deprived of something they're entitled to." While some of the reason women have affairs is for physical satisfaction, David agrees that the motives go deeper than just wanting a one night stand.Derek Noonan says many of the calls he receives are from husbands checking up on their wives."We get about five calls every day from husbands or wives wanting us to help them find out if a spouse is cheating.They don't want to permanently leave their marriages, they just want to make a connection." Interestingly, David finds the women who use his service are less prone to attacks of guilt than male clients.

"Women take a lot of time to think through what they are going to do so there is actually less guilt with them than with men who tend to jump in without giving it enough consideration.Calls have increased and they're split 50/50 between men and women." Derek believes improvements in technology have encouraged more wives to play away."People can now go into chat rooms or give someone they meet in a bar their mobile number and things can escalate in a way they couldn't have 10 years ago," he says.The gender divide on the acceptability of playing away from home is as old as time -- in ancient times King Solomon's 700 wives and 300 concubines symbolised his power but in the same era women who strayed were stoned to death.Today, some countries still punish adulterous wives with death.They come home from work, do the housework and, in being a wife, lose the role of being a sexually desirable woman.

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