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While your wife can’t qualify you for pastoral ministry, she can most certainly disqualify you. The Proverbs 31 woman behaved and spoke in a way that enable her husband to trust her fully (v. She did him good, not harm, all the days of her life (v. That does not mean that a wife should be hiding their husband’s serious patterns of sin from pastors or other people who need to know, but that they must be very careful to speak respectfully wherever possible about their husbands.

When he comes over for a little supper, diminish the lights and play the CD. You could toss in some scented candles and when he’s altogether drained from work and is welcomed by your amazement, he’s certain to have a grin put all over.

Is she greedy, or eager to give sacrificially to the work of the church? Does she think that this woman will take care of her son? Will your girlfriend’s parents dominate your marriage?

Is she looking for ways to get extra money, or finding ways to bless others in need with what you have? Will they dictate “advice” or allow you to be the head of your own household? Men married to women like these are willing to live on a roof in order to have some mental peace.

This cost nothing beside stationary and are stunning blessings since it originates from the heart and the work of your own hands.

Other than that, if your person is an old film buff and needs to go through the day with a few motion pictures, flavor things up a bit.

Think: this relationship has the potential to ruin you or free you. You do have to leave your father and mother and cleave to your wife, but you still need to consider what effect they will have on your marriage, because they will have one, for better or for worse. Will the girl that you have in mind encourage you to be accountable to older godly men, or will she not care, and complain about privacy? Scripture gives us so many warnings about nagging, pestering, quick tempered wives (Gen. Will the girl you are with be careful to not pester and nag, and mentally wear you down, or will she prevent frustration where she can by expressing her opinion and being content with your leadership?

$ad.offset()=== 0) { Event('banners'); $('.For a decent casual feel, give him a back rub took after by a yummy chocolate supper.Just as a woman must think carefully about a potential husband, you must be careful about a potential wife.She will either be a drag on your holiness, or a catalyst, a sweet encouragement for your personal, spiritual development. Far too many pastors are hindered in their work because of wives who take advantage of flexible work hours and a willingness to help–a characteristic of many ministry-minded men. Their husbands are doing routine laundry instead of hospital visitation, ordinary child care instead of sermon preparation, and pampering their wives instead of shepherding souls.