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**Note** Use your back button between questions for easier navigation.It is recommended to start the official retirement process with RASC three to four months before the date you wish to retire.

You may use the Separation date from the PRP in your resignation letter.

You can also watch UC’s Preparing for Retirement video presentation.

The following Frequently Asked Questions below are intended as a guide and are not intended to replace retirement counseling from a UC professional.

You cannot reserve a retirement date more than 90 days out from the current date.

Of course, you can begin your planning and preparation much earlier.

Do NOT use the Retirement date/Cashout date as your date of resignation.

In other words, your retirement date MUST follow your separation date.

in order to collect your information in order to prepare your retirement documents.

It is recommended to start the retirement process three months before you intend to retire.

During the year or so before you wish to retire, you can prepare by doing the following: Yes, counseling received from RASC is confidential and remains so until the point that you sign the form electing to receive retirement income.

Your retirement counseling may not be shared with your campus until your retirement election form is signed.

Contact RASC at 800-888-8267, press option #3 to be connected directly to the retirement counseling unit to begin the retirement process.

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