Dating low iq women

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Dating low iq women - tv3 dating show

Baroness Susan Greenfield is one of Britain's best-known female scientists; she's a professor of neurophysiology at the University of Oxford, a former director of the Royal Institution and an accomplished writer and broadcaster on scientific matters.So when she very publicly bemoans the lack of women reaching the higher echelons of the scientific establishment, people tend to sit up and take notice.

Yet as a psychologist who has dedicated his career to the study of intelligence - and, in particular, to how it differs between the sexes - I can tell you that in my academic circles these IQ figures are barely disputed.

Boys and girls may start out with the same IQ but by 16 or so boys are starting to inch ahead.

The ever-growing success of girls at GCSE, A-level and now at university would seem to refute this - but the blame lies with our exam system, with its emphasis on coursework, which rewards diligence more than it does intelligence.

Ever since the Frenchman Alfred Binet devised the first intelligence test in 1905, study after study has confirmed the same result.

When it comes to IQ, men and women - at least once they've gained adulthood - simply are not equal.

The result is that men today still have physically bigger brains than women, even after adjustments for their different-body size.

Might this underpin the five-point difference in IQ between the sexes?As a result, when these women get close to the top, they are simply out-numbered by highly intelligent and often ruthlessly ambitious men.As our hunter-gatherer example has already suggested, men and women have also evolved different kinds of intelligence.This explains why they are every bit as successful as men at writing novels, say, or even newspaper columns.Their superior foreign language skills explain why if you walk into a university language lecture theatre, you won't find many men.Of course, in normal daily life, there's not much real difference between a man with an IQ of 105 and a woman with an IQ of 100.

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