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The novel features “newspeak,” a language that eliminates the possibility of independent thought, and “doublethink,” which Orwell describes as the ability to believe contradictory ideas.

In the coming decades it won’t be immigrants taking our jobs. awyers, accountants, taxi drivers, shop assistants – both the working class and middle class will be hit, and hard.

Orwell effectively foresaw the arguments of the EU referendum campaign, decades before the EU even existed.

Oh – and he also noted that there was no popular support in Britain for admitting refugees, because the public believed they were only economic migrants. But I won’t be surprised if there’s one about Leicester City winning the Premier League.

George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984” topped Amazon’s best-seller list this week in wake of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts” comment.

The 1949 classic book is the story of a dystopian society in which the autocratic elite attempt to censor language and thought to prevent rebellion.

Above all, he concluded, the government must “drive home the fact, which has never been properly grasped, that British prosperity depends largely on factors outside Britain”. Of course, Orwell was not actually a prophet, otherwise he would have foreseen that attempts to “drive home this fact” would be successfully dismissed as “talking Britain down”.

Were he here today, Orwell himself would be cast as a sneering metropolitan liberal elitist, out of touch with the legitimate concerns of ordinary hard-working families. That article was written 70 years ago, and yet – excluding its references to the Second World War – it could easily have been written in 2016. Despite dying in 1950, he had an uncanny understanding of politics in 2016.This week, though, I came across something even more striking.It’s about the only career I can think of that is unlikely to be threatened by automation.I don’t know about you, but I’m a long way from letting a robot come anywhere near my ears with a pair of scissors.In August, however, Penguin republished it in Seeing Things As They Are, a selection of Orwell’s journalism and other lesser-known oddments.

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