Dating a graduate student

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Achieving an optimal work-life balance isn’t always easy.We know from research that couples who engage in a novel and arousing activity together can have a positive impact on one’s relationship and alleviate boredom (see Aron, Norman, Aron, et al., 2000).

Catch22Dating is a community of highly educated, successful singles including graduate students and young professionals in their 20s and 30s.

At Catch22, we understand the unique dating needs, interests, and time limitations of graduate students.

Privacy and trust in who you are matched with are of the utmost importance.

If you do date a fellow psychologist, and you both intend to stay in academia, I recommend trying to either clearly differentiate your research programs, or “teaming up” as a research duo.

If you are in a relationship: If you have a romantic partner and you’re fairly certain that he or she is not going anywhere, itis easy to prioritize your academic goals ahead of your relational goals.

Whether you matriculated from the Ivy League, a great state school or built your career from the ground up, Catch22Dating is the online dating site for graduate students like you.

Catch22Dating understands what it’s like as a busy, single graduate student and that sometimes juggling a full load of classes, studying and recruiting can make it difficult to meet the right people.David Kille is the social psychology representative on the APA Science Student Council.He is currently a Ph D Candidate at the University of Waterloo.Although you cannot plan love, there are dating situations it may make sense to avoid.If at all possible, try to avoid dating a lab-mate or fellow student in your division with whom you will undoubtedly be spending several hours a week.Schools include those on par with top 50 ranked national undergraduate universities and liberal arts colleges or top 25 ranked graduate programs.* Exceptions include medical students and physicians, all of whom are eligible.