Blind dating plot summary

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Blind dating plot summary - Newteen camsporn

When Eun-chan realizes that Han-gyeol is talking about the Coffee Prince cafe, she tells him that it’s a great place to work at.

Han-gyeol starts to develop mixed feelings for Eun-chan...Han-gyeol is the grandson of chairwoman Bang (actress Kim Young-ok) of Dongin Foods, a company that has a thriving coffee b usiness.Han-gyeol is a smart young man but he is fiercely independent and abhors the thought of being tied down by one career in his life.When Yoo-joo keeps knocking on his door, Han-sung takes her inside his apartment...After Eun-chan (actress Yoon Eun-hye) loses her job, she heads to a doll factory with a plastic bag full of dolls.Meanwhile, Han-sung (actor Lee Sun-gyun), a cousin of Han-gyeol, meets Yoo-joo (actress Chae Jung-ahn), who broke up with him because she wanted to pursue her studies in New York.

When she proposes that they resume their relationship, Han-sung rejects the idea and leaves her.

Eun-chan (actress Yoon Eun-hye) supports her family by working two jobs; as Taekwondo instructor and food delivering girl.

While making a delivery, she meets Han-gyeol (actor Gong Yoo).

He gives a warm hug to their grandmother (actress Kim Young-ok). Han-sung (actor Lee Sun-gyun) takes Yoo-joo (actress Chae Jung-ahn) to a college reunion. Recalling an interview that Yoo-joo gave where she said she didn’t want to be tied down by marriage, Han-sung replies that Yoo-joo wants to stay single for the rest of her life. Min-yeob (actor Lee Uhn) is stuck working at an outdoor bar for the night and he is toldby Eun-chan (actress Yoon Eun-hye) that Eun-sae (actress Han Ye-in) will wake up instantly from her sleep if anyone mentions creamy, spicy chicken’s feet.

So Min-yeob packs some spicy chicken’s feet and calls up Eun-sae. Hong (actor Kim Chang-wan), Han-gyeol (actor Gong Yoo), Eun-chan (actress Yoon Eun-hye) and the boys (actors Lee Uhn, Kim Jae-wook, Kim Dong-wook) take a day off on a national holiday when the tap water is cut off.

Meanwhile, Chairwoman Bang arranges blind dates for her grandson Han-gyeol to see him settle down.

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