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I wore the other one all week and I said, 'We're gonna break out the green one one last time [for the finale] and we're gonna trash it.' I honestly wore it because it's cold in the house, so I was freezing. ' Steve thought I was America's Player because I wasn't winning HOHs and I was really loud in the Diary Room. I wasn't married to her, I wasn't living with her, we had been drifting apart for a while.

I never knew if he was completely bullsh--ting me or being truthful. It is like watching two different species -- a gazelle and a lion! It's a male-dominated industry, but I'm glad I learned that. Half of me saying [Clay and Johnny Mac] were brothers was me having fun. I tried to play with integrity and making deals is one of the ways to show trust and get yourself further in the game."That beanie: "I only washed it once. Vanessa would put on the big crying show, but she didn't feel bad about it." So did she cry more or say "incentives," "incentivize," "blood on my hands" or "deals" more? I laughed pretty hard at it and was like, 'Oh, no.'"His random greetings to Julie Chen: "A lot of them were dumb things my brother says. You'd feel gypped and robbed and sling band, at least it stayed on the plate a little bit. I'm never playing potball again."Austin Being blindsided: While he was obviously shocked at Judas being Judas-ed, Austin denies Julie Chen's claim that he refused to leave and tried to undo Vanessa's vote. They showed us the tape in the jury house and that's what happened.

Obviously I should've picked John, but John did so good.

Siegfried and Roy were friggin' lion tamers and one of them got bit!

With a French version and the United States version having aired in the country, Canada officially received its own English version of the series in 2013.

The show was met with commercial success, and has gone on to become a hit for its parent network.

I offered that and it was like I threw a hot potato at her."His competition resume: How did he forget a zero three times during the final four HOH?

I have nothing to say about Vanessa except good things. It didn't matter because I was throwing them, including the one I won.

The only difference is, I wasn't paranoid or swearing on things, and she could win things and I couldn't. "The 'incentivize' one -- when that one came out, I was like, 'OK, I'm done here.' I was going to press the button and leave."His (ex-)girlfriend back home: "I pursued love and fell in love with Liz.

I stand by the fact that I don't think she played the right game. This was the season where everyone wanted to see some kind of loyalty. I think a lot of people disagree with that, but she and I did the same things. I hate that it happened on TV and she had to watch it."Julia Falling for Vanessa's Jedi mind trick: Julia's one regret was listening to Vanessa mid-Veto during Bowlerina to pick Austin to compete against. She went to law school and can get into people's heads. I took a philosophy class in college, learned about Sigmund Freud.

"This season, everyone was worried about next week.

My parents have always been like, 'You've got to stop mumbling! ' Half of them, I was half asleep, but the Diary Rooms, that was me just talking to myself and getting my thoughts together. She makes Rachel look like Rachel never cried."This year's theme: No, he's not talking about takeovers.

"His socially awkward gameplay: "I wasn't a threat. You don't need to be anyone's ally early game, you just can't be the target. The right move would've been two of Austwins and Vanessa."His apparent feud with Becky: The root of his randomly inserted Diary Rooms about Becky is not that juicy. In Week 2, she and Shelli were HOH, I told her if she didn't put me up, I would give her two weeks of safety if I were HOH.

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