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Maybe she was unwilling to learn, but either way Tarverdyan was unable to either persuade Rousey of the value of a viable jab that serves as protection as much as offense, or unable to teach it to her.Tarverdyan’s vocal critics include Rousey’s mother Annmaria De Mars and others close to her, who have long wished that she would place her career in the hands of another mentor. Meanwhile, current UFC fighter Jake Ellenberger saw his career stall with a weak run littered with defeats under Tarverdyan, before switching to new tutelage recently.

Even with all that time to recuperate and prepare, Rousey did not learn an effective jab, the first and most basic tenet of boxing, one of MMA’s core disciplines.

I had graduated from college about a month before, moved to New York with few practical connections and was desperately looking for work. I received a call back from the head of New York Dating Coach, Art Malov, who laughed and explained that the dating coaching service was definitely not a prostitution ring.

Comfortable talking to members of the opposite sex? So I — cleverly — responded to the ad stating that while I definitely met the criteria I was not interested in sex work, which was not to say that I did not have a lot of respect for people who embraced different lifestyles.

Remember, I’m a happily married man now so please don’t hold all this against me 😉 Happy dating!

James Preece The Dating Guru James Preece is the Dating Guru – the UK’s most experienced Dating Coach .

As recently as last November, Rousey was talking about retiring undefeated, while those who love MMA hoped she would stick around for a long while to build a glittering legacy.

Now most want her to go, quite simply, for her own good.Some will insist that Rousey’s demise came from a lack of confidence, a failure to cope with the Holm loss and the aftermath of it.Some will feel it was borne in mental frailty, which played itself out in a bizarre media boycott leading up to the contest.Whatever you do, don’t wait any longer and check it out before the price goes up.It’s not a long book so you’ll be able to read it in your lunch break.It’s on special offer at just 99p for a limited time only.

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