Adult hebrew dating sites

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Adult hebrew dating sites - teenage dating breakups

She said that while she's not traditionally religious, Judaism has attracted her in a spiritual way."The traditions are beautiful and they make sense," she said.

But what of the Jewish singles who register at these sites hoping to bring a nice Jewish boy or Jewish girl home to the parents for the holidays?

But "there's something complementary in it, that we're viewed as a valuable population." Derived from the Greek word for "assembly," a Jewish house of prayer.

Synagogue refers to both the room where prayer services are held and the building where it occurs.

However, "it ought not be a segregated Semite preserve." Gail Laguna, vice president of communications at Match, which owns JDate, said that she has received no complaints about non-Jewish members using JDate.

Laguna said that while JDate has no official policy about non-Jews becoming JDate members, the site expects its users to be honest and open about their religious affiliations.

"They cross all sorts of boundaries because it's so easy to cross them." For Rabbi Adam Jacobs, managing director in New York of Aish Ha Torah, an Orthodox outreach program, the trend is a mixed blessing at best.

"Since intermarriage is one of the serious problems facing the Jewish community, I am concerned," he said.The majority of people on JDate are on there to find Jewish people, especially in a time when interaction with other cultures is so much more frequent.It's much more difficult for people to remain culturally Jewish when there's so much interaction between Jews and non-Jews.Egon Mayer, a professor of sociology at Brooklyn College who has studied interfaith marriage, said that he is not surprised at the trend.But while he's not "aware that there are any segments of the non-Jewish population that are specifically seeking a Jewish partner," Mayer said that "Jews have a fairly good reputation as marriage material." Often, non-Jews who log on say their interest lies beyond finding a Jewish mate.Donald Toner, for instance, began testing the online field after a breakup, but religion had no bearing on his decision to join JDate this past summer.

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