14c dating groundwater

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So, with Joan Rogers' participation, we proof read and reformatted the paper and replaced the images with higher quality versions, and are making it available here on

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In the Milk River aquifer, DOC 14C ages were successfully used to estimate groundwater residence times, as well as to further refine input parameter assumptions for the DIC method.In the Prairie tills, DOC 14C ages were used to establish a maximum age for the pore waters in an environment where the DIC method is especially problematic.ABSTRACT: The mode of vertical recharge to aquifers is important to the application of appropriate recharge estimation methods.In this paper it is shown, that the reasons are assumption of to high C dilution by dissolved inorganic C (DIC) from microbiologically mediated mineralization of organic components in deep sediments.To overcome these difficulties a new approach is applied evaluating the site-specific C source term (including the influence of nuclear atmospheric testing), and the already previously used overall dilution of DIC.[FYI, anamorphosis is a distorted projection or drawing that appears normal when viewed from a particular point or with a suitable mirror or lens].

[June 2005] In this well researched article, Richard compiles and presents all the evidence regarding the infamous "Leonardo Theory" proposed by some researchers, and includes links to all of his references.Comparisons of radiocarbon data were made between DOC fractions, dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), and several DIC geochemical age correction models along well defined flow paths.The data presented demonstrate that 14C dating of DOC fractions can indeed provide an alternative method for determining isotopic groundwater ages, under suitable conditions.Appraisal of the mistakes made regarding the Shroud samples taken in 1988 - and a suggested way of putting these behind us by Ian Wilson Evaluacin de los errores cometidos respecto a las muestras de la Sbana Santa obtenidas en 1988 y sugerencias para superarlos (En Espaol) Ian Wilson's 1998 overview of the then current state of Shroud research and his plea for cooperation within the Shroud research community.This paper was originally presented at the 1998 Turin Symposium.(DIC: measured, carb: carbonate dissolved (0‰), soil: soil air (-23‰) this simple model is also only strictly valid for closed conditions and does not take into account fractionation effects (low p H environments) more complex models taking into account the chemical and isotopic evolution have been developed (e.g.

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